Fall 2013: Test post for comments

If you’re a student in my “Disasters!” or “Computing in History” class this semester, please leave a test comment on this post so that you will be prepared to post your essay response when the first blog comment assignment is due. In your test comment, say what is your favorite spot on the IIT campus.

Remember to use the same screen name (doesn’t have to be your real name) throughout the term so I can identify your responses easily.

Your comment will not show up immediately as I need to approve each response manually.



  1. Doug Wilhelm

    This is my test comment! I think it’d be awesome to learn about psychology from you in the future if possible, RateMyProfessor:com says you have taught the subject. 🙂

    ~Doug W.

  2. chemedin

    My favorite spot on IIT’s campus is Perlstein Hall. It’s my favorite spot because it houses the chemical engineering department and because of its history. The building is named after Harris Perlstein, a 1914 chemical engineering Armor Institute alumnus. Perlstein served as the chairman of the Pabst Brewing Company, which is was owned by the Pabst family. The Pabst family donated the money for the fountain in front of Perlstein Hall to be built. I find the link between PBC and Perlstein Hall to be really interesting.

  3. Yishan

    My favourite spot on the IIT campus is the Keating Sports Center. Exercise is indispensible to one’s health and I enjoy doing exercises. My grandpa taught me how to swim when I was seven and I liked it since then. The swimming pool in Keating Sports Center is wonderful. The water is clear and all the facilities there are well equipped. Students are able to not only relax themselves but actually have fun there. But there is a wierd thing about the swimming pool: it won’t open when it’s hot (people tend to swim when it’s hot!) lol~

  4. Jiede

    My favorite spot in IIT campus is McCormick Student Village (MSV). It is not beautiful as SSV, not new as MTCC, just an old building as many buildings in Chicago. But when I was a new international student to come to America, I spent my first day there and I had the first closed friend (in USA) there. Now when I come back there, I always feel it like home. It is my home in USA. It testimonies my history in IIT and my first period in America. So it is my favorite spot.

  5. Guan

    My favorite spot in IIT is MSV, which is a dorm for students in IIT. I nearly spent most of my time there after class. The lounge can provide me a quite place to study and share opinions with my friends. Also, I can play my favorite piano there.

  6. Fernando Marin

    I’m just testing to see if the link is working properly for me. Let me know if there are any issues. Thank you and have a great weekend!

    Fernando Marin

  7. Maksim Matusevich

    My favorite spot on the campus is the second floor of Siegel. Two quiet computer labs and plenty of room to think.

  8. mkova

    Hello! This is Miles Kovach from hist 375: history of computing. Just making my check-in post at one of my favorite spots, by the huge window in the back half of Perlstein.

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